It is not uncommon that individuals will experience energetic and emotional release days after the ceremony. Sometimes the medicine will release blocks where emotions have been stuck and the emotions are then will continue to flow out for several days. You may feel some emotions that you may not know where they are coming from. This is most likely old emotions being released.

For some it may be as easy as just recognizing that it is normal to feel strong emotions afterwards and just allow yourself to feel them. Others may need some support from others or from doing some practices to move the energy and help them to stay centered.

Here are few tips you can use to work with the emotions:

  • Find your center and connect to your internal strengths. Take at least 10 minutes to sit in a quiet place to breath, meditate, and center yourself. Take long deep breaths. Find the place in your body that makes you feel centered. If this is unfamiliar to you, find the place in your body that would catch your balance if someone pushed you. Focus on your center with confidence that you are capable of centering yourself. Feel gravity pulling you toward the Earth and you can even imagine roots coming from your body and pulling you closer to the Earth. Allow yourself to be held and supported by the Earth. Take deep breaths and gradually slow your breath down. Slowing your breath down will help to regulate your nervous system.


  • Go for a walk in nature


  • One trick is to eat salt. If you are still holding the diet with no salt, but really need to ground yourself then pray to the medicine and let her know you are introducing salt to help ground yourself. If you want to stay deep with the healing, then avoid salt so the medicine can continue to work more deeply on you.


  • Create or sit in a space that feels healing to continue to reflect and engage with your experience. This may entail meditating, divination, artwork, dancing, writing, or whatever helps you to continue to stay engaged in your experience.


  • Find a practice that will help you move the energy. This can be through art, dance, writing, talking, exercising, or doing energy work on yourself.


  • Find a supportive friend to talk to who is familiar with the medicine work.




Sometimes in this work you hit moments that feel extra difficult, and this can force you into finding or developing your own strengths. Sometimes we feel like it’s “too much” but if you can change your thinking around and see the challenge as an opportunity to find your strengths then you can continue to cultivate strengths that will support you whenever you feel overwhelmed.


If you feel like you are unable to manage the emotions coming up reach out to someone who is trained to guide and support you. To book a skype or in person session with me you can go to:

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