What is Shamanic Therapy?

Receive a holistic perspective on your path towards healing and awakening.

Here’s how it works

As a healer, ceremonialist, and psychotherapist I combine ancient healing practices with Innovative therapeutic techniques. I honor your unique healing journey and therefore tailor treatment to your specific needs and intentions.

Therapeutic Techniques

I use therapeutic techniques that are effective in helping individuals get to the root of what is creating distress. These techniques can support clearing trauma and old patterns that prevent you from embodying your gifts.

Depth Psychology

I apply depth psychological practices when working with people. Often this will include working with images, symbols, synchronicities, dreams, and visions. This can open up avenues to see what is influencing you on an unconscious level.

Working with the images and symbols that emerge helps you retrieve your soul gifts and guide you on path of purpose. These practices can also be used to explore your connection to the spirit world and to help discover a deeper meaning to your soul path.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy is a body-oriented approach to psychotherapy. From this approach I pay close attention to the relationship between your body and mind. Due to the fact that the body holds your psychological, physical and energetic memories, we can follow the wisdom of the body to take us to the root of what is causing distress.

This can be accomplished through me guiding you into sensations that often lead to stored memories and locked emotions. Often individuals will retrieve memories or insights through this process. Going into the body can also help us to clear out trauma, emotions, and other trapped energy.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (aka, EFT – aka, tapping) is a psychotherapeutic tool that uses different acupuncture points to help to clear trauma or limiting belief systems.

During this process we can identify a trauma or belief system that is currently preventing you from accessing your full potential. I will guide you through a series of tapping as we work to dismantle limiting beliefs or trauma. This is a way of letting go of old belief patterns and reintroducing new patterns.


Brainspotting is a technique that uses the client’s visual field in order to access unprocessed trauma that is locked in the brain. I use this technique with clients to help get to the root of what is creating unhealthy thought patterns so they can be released.

Guided Meditations

I use guided meditation to help individuals tune into their internal experience so they can be guided by the wisdom of the body and/or imagination. This brings greater awareness to a particular issue we are working on. I also use meditation to help individuals develop internal resources or a spiritual practice.

Energy Healing

I use energy healing techniques to clear stagnation and to bring your mind, body, and soul into alignment. These energy techniques provide their own intelligence to deliver healing to wherever is most needed.


Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy that is channeled through the hands of the practitioner. Reiki has its own consciousness that goes to the places in the body that need healing. I utilize reiki to help individuals release emotions, stress, traumas, and heavy energies that are weighing them down, or causing distress.

Tuning into your body and the energy of the reiki can help me feel where energetic blocks are and help me bring your energy systems into better alignment. This will help you to feel more clear and energized. I may make suggestions after the session to help you recognize why energy is becoming stagnant so you can make changes that will support a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

Nature-Guided Healing

I offer sessions in a natural setting in order to work with nature as an ally in our work. This could be for creating ritual and working with nature for healing and awakening you to your unique purpose.

Nature has a powerful way of awakening the deep imagination and mirroring back to us our soul. Spending periods of time in nature has been used for rites of passage for many cultures in order to help people to connect to their purpose. Doing a session in nature can help you open up to your wild imagination and help you receive greater reflections about your soul identity.

Personalized Rituals

I offer personal rituals or ceremonies to invoke prayers or to conduct healing. Rituals are powerful ways of working with the elements or spiritual allies for healing or manifesting. Personalized rituals can be used to:

  • Mark a rite of passage
  • Strengthen a prayer for healing
  • Invoke intention
  • Release your connection to an individual or relationship (cord cutting)
  • Grieve the loss of someone
  • Mark the beginning or end to something in your life

Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is a term used to describe the release of energetic ties that are commonly developed in intimate relationships with others. Energetic ties connect us to another person’s energy, which can sometimes cause us to feel their energy and may lead us to feeling drained. I support individuals who would like to separate their energy from another by gently clearing away energetic ties.

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Shamanic Practices

I use shamanic practices to incorporate the healing intelligence of plants and allies that support the healing and awakening process of the individual. These practices are effective for working on the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Shipibo Chanting

In the Shipibo tradition of Peru, chanting is used as a method for communicating with the spirit world in order to intend a desired outcome. In my training, I have developed relationships with medicinal plants and spirit allies through a restrictive practice known as a dieta.

During dietas, I held a strict diet and other restrictions in order to cultivate relationships with medicinal plants. During this time I received healing from the plants and learned how I can work with them to facilitate healing. I was taught different melodies from the plants that I use to channel their medicine through chanting.

During a chanting session, I will ask you to sit in front of me while I chant to you. If you are sensitive you may feel the plants or allies I work with working on you and you may receive some insights from them as well.

Tobacco Cleansing

Tobacco cleansing is an ancient practice used to clear heavy energies and further support the healing process. During our session, I will chant a prayer and intention into the tobacco and your energy field based on your specific healing needs. After the chant I will blow the smoke on the areas of your body that are in of need healing. The result is an incredibly deep energetic cleanse.

Please note — I understand that many people have sensitivities to tobacco. If that’s you, just let me know and I won’t use this technique in your healing.

Shamanic Drum Journeying

Shamanic Drum Journeying: Is a method for inducing a trance state by using a steady beat of the drum. I use drum journeys to guide people into the deep psyche or spirit realms in order to facilitate healing, receive insight, or to help them make connections with their spirit guides.

During the drum journey, I also enter into a trance with them, which allows me to also receive insight and to provide a healing when necessary.

Guided Dreamwork

Dreams provide us with powerful imagery that can lead us into a deep exploration of our psyche and soul. I guide individuals back into their dream experience so that they can gain insights from the dream that supports their internal growth.

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