About Krista Rhinehart

Licensed Psychotherapist • Energy Healer • Spiritual Counselor

I am an integrative healer

As a doctor, I have studied psychology within an academic setting for ten years. However, I consider my own healing journey and exploration of various ancient healing traditions to be the most influential aspect of my education.

Through my own exploration, I discovered that there is so much more to healing than what we have been exposed to in western culture. Therefore, I have explored various Eastern and Shamanic healing modalities in order to develop a holistic approach towards healing.

My passion for ancient healing traditions has led me down a deep healing path and has ultimately led me to integrate shamanic and Eastern approaches within a Western psychological approach.

Academic and Clinical Experience

During my master’s, doctorate, and clinical training I have mostly focused my studies on depth and somatic psychology. My doctoral studies also educated me on Eastern and shamanic perspectives.

As I have developed and continued my training, I have focused my additional clinical training on somatic practices and energy psychology. This has contributed to the development of a holistic approach, where I am able to work on a somatic, psychological and energetic level with individuals. I would also consider myself to hold a transpersonal and humanistic approach.

  • Ph.D. Degree – Doctorate in East-West Psychology, concentration in Depth Psychology and Spiritual Counseling. California Institute of Integral Studies.
  • M.A. Degree – Counseling Psychology, concentration in Transpersonal Psychology. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Presently Sofia University)

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My training as a Shamanic Healer comes from an apprenticeship within the Shipibo lineage of Peru.

Shamanic/Energy healing education and experience

The primary training I have received in Shamanic healing has been through an in depth apprenticeship within the Shipibo lineage of Peru since 2011. Through this apprenticeship, I have engaged in a very restrictive practice known as a dieta numerous times in order to commune with plants to learn their approaches to healing.

Through long dietas, I experienced very profound healing and learned from the plants how to heal myself and how to support others in their healing process. It has been through communion with the plants that I have learned how to use traditional Shipibo chanting in order to channel their medicine. They also support me in diagnosis and developing individual treatment methods.

I have also been a reiki practitioner since 2012 and have completed reiki levels 1, 2, and Masters. I have studied under the supervision of Reiki Master Greg Carroll and have learned additional techniques through workshops with Martin Feisst.

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