Bringing ceremony into your everyday life, involves awakening your abilities to perceive how the sacred is communicating with you on a daily basis. You do not have to be in a medicine ceremony, a church, or a temple in order to perceive the divine wisdom that is being presented to you.

This wisdom comes through your relationships, the people you attract, the wildlife that appears to you, a work conference call, the sharp interaction with your boss, the flow of traffic in the morning, your dreams etc.

The sacred is in all things and the lessons and synchronicities are always speaking to you. All you have to do is learn how to listen.

The magic and the synchronicities can become more apparent after a ceremony. I have had the privilege of listening to hundreds of medicine experiences and have noticed how often strange or synchronistic events occur after ceremony. It requires conscious awareness to be able to make connections to how your internal process is being mirrored to you externally.

If you want to bring the magic of ceremony into your life it is important to pay attention to these synchronistic events and reflect on the wisdom behind them. Working with a guide can help support you in identifying the ways the medicine is showing up for you in between ceremonies.

Here are a few tips of what you can do after your ceremony to keep the ceremony alive in your consciousness:

Pay attention to the lessons and tests that emerge after your ceremony

One way to be able to see these connections is to reflect on the lessons you received during your ceremony. You can look for how these lessons start to challenge you in your external world. If you got the message through ceremony that your impatience is keeping you from being present in your life, then you may notice that life presents you with moments that make you wait and therefore brings up your impatience.

These challenges are there to help you to change old habits and create new patterns. Being stuck in traffic when you are running late may be your test to overcome this old habit.

Create a spiritual practice

Create a spiritual practice that allows you to stay in communication with the sacred and encourages self-development. There are many practices that can help you clear your mind so that it’s easier to communicate with the more the human world.

Here is a list of a few:

  • Spend long periods of time in nature, in silence where you can clear your mind and be receptive to how the natural world interacts with you. See these interactions as a mirroring of your internal world.
  • Meditate. At the end of your meditation communicate with the plants and allow answers to come in the form of images, body sensations, cognitive knowings, or through your thoughts. Over time you will be able to recognize the difference between your ego telling you what you want to hear and a higher wisdom coming through.
  • Shamanic Drum Journeying. Use drumming or other methods of inducing a trance state to support you in being able to communicate with the more than human world. When you are in a trance state it is easy to allow imagery, sensations, or insights to come to you without the interference of the mind. (learn more)
  • Stream of consciousness writing: Grab a pen and paper and bring a question or an aspect of your experience to consciousness and start writing in free flow without thinking about what you are writing. You can eventually get into a state where you are channeling information from outside of you. You can then ask questions to the medicine and see what comes out in your writing.
  • Create your own practice that involves a commitment to a change you would like to make and make sure you practice on a daily basis.

Create a reciprocal relationship with the plants by giving back

Remember to give back to the plants and the allies that support you. Western culture has been under the habit of taking from the larger Earth community without replenishing or giving back. Make sure you don’t end up in the habit of only asking for what you want and then not giving back. You can ask the medicine or any other allies that appeared to you how you can give back.

Giving back may also come from being of service in whatever way your soul is meant to. You can reflect on how you are being called to give back and contribute to the world. How can you take what you learned from the medicine and deliver your wisdom and gifts to the world?

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