Shamanic Preparation Sessions

If you have committed to attending a ceremony, your ceremony has already begun.

Getting ready for your shamanic ceremony

When you sit in ceremony, you are stepping into the unknown. Each time, there’s a very real possibility of facing challenging emotions or experiences. It’s common to feel anxious — whether it’s your first time or you are a regular participant.

There is no way to be fully prepared for what might come up, but there are practices you can use to help feel safer and empowered during your journey. Some of these practices can be informed by what comes up for you before ceremony.

In the days and weeks before ceremony, many people experience vivid dreams, synchronicities, challenges, or unique life events. These are often your subconscious’ way of preparing you for the lessons or healing that you will receive.

What happens in a ceremony preparation session?

As a guide I am here to explore with you what is coming up for you before ceremony so that you can bring awareness to the teachings and healing that is occurring. This can prepare you for a deeper experience and can also provide you with tools you can use during your ceremony.

Receiving professional guidance can help you:

  • Receive answers to questions about the ceremonial process so that you feel safe and prepared for your experience
  • Explore your intentions for ceremony ahead of time — so you can address any resistances that may be in the way of your intention
  • Learn to be an active participant in your journey
  • Develop tools you can use during ceremony to help you to navigate challenging emotions or experiences
  • Foster a deeper relationship and connection with the plant medicine

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How much engagement and intention you put into your process now will influence the level of depth you will experience in ceremony.

How it works

I am here to answer any questions you have about the ceremony so that you can feel safer and prepared for your journey. A preparation session is designed based on what support you are seeking. Some common areas that people focus on include:

  • Learning about ceremony and how to navigate challenging experiences as they arise
  • Preparing yourself psychologically for emotions or material that may rise to the surface during your journey
  • Exploring internal resistances towards making the changes you wish to make so you can let go and be open to the healing you are seeking
  • Developing a focused intention for your journey so that you can influence the direction of the healing and teachings from the plants
  • Helping you connect to the medicine through the use of traditional chanting so that you can build a relationship ahead of time

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