Shamanic Ceremony Integration

Let’s work together to discover how your ceremony can continue to transform you and awaken you to your own inner wisdom.

Life after ceremony can be complicated

Ceremony can activate your deepest fear, grief, trauma, and anger as a means of showing you patterns that are creating limitations. Opening up such deep layers of the unconscious can be overwhelming. However, it also can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to explore these layers deeper as a means of resolving — or integrating — what is blocking you from cultivating your full potential.

As a guide, I can assist you in navigating these deep layers of the unconscious so you can discover the root of what is creating dis-ease and discover internal resources that will help you to feel empowered in the face of life challenges or future ceremonies.

The medicine continuously guides you

Develop greater awareness as to how the medicine is continuing to guide you even after ceremony is over. Perhaps the medicine is still teaching you through your dreams, through synchronicities, and through your interactions with others. Together we will look at the visions, sensations, and experiences from ceremony and explore the greater teachings. Through this process we can see how they are showing you how to breakthrough limitations and cultivate your gifts.

Upon request, I use drumming or traditional chanting to help individuals reconnect to the plants without taking medicine to receive healing and further insights from their experiences. Integration sessions can be an opportunity to further develop your gifts and intuitive abilities that will allow you to open up gateways of perception to the unseen world without the use of medicine.

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Let’s work together to reconnect with the sacred and cultivate your unique gifts.

Integration sessions will help:

  • Bring you back into dialogue with the plants to further uncover teachings or continue conversations that are being evoked in you
  • Receive reflections about your experience to guide you into deeper exploration of the origin of behaviors, thought patterns, or habits that are no longer serving you so that you can make conscious changes
  • Develop internal resources
  • Create a daily practice based on your experience that will help you to implement teachings and break old patterns or habits
  • Awaken and embody gifts that are lying dormant within you and your ancestral lineage
  • Further develop your abilities to access your connection to the unseen world

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